Do I Get to be Proud of 100,000 Pageviews?

Granted, it took 13 months. And there are blogs and sites getting 20,000 unique visitors a day that people online barely know about.

But you know what? I’ve experienced firsthand from the net how many people are resistant to learning, resistant to reading carefully and well, resistant to anything that’s different, new, or – worst of all – thoughtful.

100,000 pageviews is an enormous success even if it did take 13 months. This is a world where Britney Spears and Paris Hilton influence more than Plato or maybe even the Bible. If I have my way, there will be another 100,000 pageviews in less than a month: I just have to keep fighting, getting the link out there, and linking to other bloggers. Some of you have noticed that the number of “friends” in the blogroll is growing, and that trend is going to continue for a while longer, I think.


  1. Hi, congratulations on 100k. Considering you’re publishing in depth commentary I’m amazed – the internet generation has a short attention span.

    I still hoping you’ll cover some of my favorite novels :-)

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