Thinking Small

The yellow-green leaves outside my window catch sunlight, as do the orange and brown ones. But the yellow definitely catches my eye the most: it seems an earthy counterpart to the sun itself.

These autumn days are our riches. Even Starbucks and Wawa and various beer companies offer a full line of fall products to complement the season – we have pumpkin bread and pumpkin spice latte, oktoberfest and various “harvest” sorts of beer, and a million other things that surprise me pleasantly.

There’s something natural when our efforts go into worship of a season. I can see how some Athenians put up with the orgies and the lewdness which could become murderous. I think Rob Long in National Review once put it best, when discussing Jerry Springer: it wasn’t all the disgusting sex acts and the drugs and being proud of living in a trailer park that made the show a problem. The real problem always was that there were actual couples up there – no matter how messed up they were – and one member was always happy to break another’s heart to be on television for a few minutes.

Christ would be the first one to say that God can’t teach people to love, only how to love. That “how” is important, of course, but we think we’re beyond both concerns. We’re beyond good and evil, no?

Those leaves look more beautiful than they ever have, and yet they’re dying. I could use another pumpkin spice latte about now.

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