Noted Frustration

Those Bach Inventions and Sinfonias present a new challenge for me, the occasional pianist. I don’t care about the mistakes, but I do care that each voice is rich and vibrant and makes melodic sense. Moreover, I want a mature sound, a sound coming from a 28 year old at least.

Trouble is that it is easy to get a tinny “I’m just going through the motions aren’t I cool” sound and rest satisfied. Moreover, a trap lies in going beyond that: one can get a very good technical sound any pre-teen prodigy can get.

I never was a prodigy, and that’s fine with me. I want my music to grow with me.

Every note counts in Bach and Chopin – nothing is wasted. I’m not getting the sense in my own playing that I’m conveying that.

More technically challenging pieces convey a richness for all musicians who work on them. Part of me feels now that’s cheating for real musicians. It’s kinda like being a poet and doing only flashy or awesome things, and not realizing how well done Wordsworth’s “My Heart Leaps Up” is. The challenge for the poet is to do more than amaze one’s audience; the television can do that at will nowadays.

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