No kidding.

I don’t feel like reading Xenophon and writing a line-by-line commentary right now. What I want to do is write the most elegant flashy essay packed with a new reading of American history and its themes that will make us all perfectly rational voters eager to read Plato at the drop of a hat.

I want to be all pumped about this election too. I want to elect myself something like “official Prophet of the USA” or some other arrogant nonsense that lets me blather away and take questions which make me look smart.

There’s a shallow reason for this, and a deep reason. Shallow reason: I’m bored and want to do something different, and quite honestly, I do like teaching and don’t do enough of it right now.

Deep reason: philosophy can’t be done in a vacuum. The best thoughts occur in contemplation, and one’s true teaching probably will always remain a mystery to others until well after the fact. But to have everyone else be in a state little better than a frenzied mob is kinda like bowling alone. You can do it, you’ll progress, but the absurdity of it all becomes apparent, unless you’ve already transcended being human.

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