Your Attention Please…

Lori’s account of what Hurricane Ike did to her house is worth a read and most certainly a comment. It’s always tough to figure out what exactly to do for one’s online friends, especially when they go through a crisis like this:

I’m not waiting for the storm to hit. I know there will be some damage and fallen trees, but I also know I’ll be alright. I’m waiting for the aftermath. In ’83 when Alicia hit, we were without power and water for 2 weeks. In ’05 when Rita hit, the temperatures were in the 100’s. No work. No income. Getting ice or fuel was like beating buzzards off a meat truck. An entire city of [about 6 million] people who are hot, miserable, and haven’t bathed for days – not my idea of fun.

Fast forward now five days to today, Wednesday. I have power and water! Yea! Unfortunately, I think my neighborhood is the only one in the entire metropolitan area that does. Living alone makes it seem like I haven’t talked to anyone for days, so yesterday cabin fever and canned soup got the best of me, and I decided to go for a drive to the grocery store, hoping to find something else to eat. Whoa! I think every street light in this city is out. There were downed trees and debris everywhere. There were lines at the few gas stations still open that were about a quarter of a mile long. They were saying on my car radio that the lines in the grocery stores were just as long, and only imperishable goods were being sold. I was not going to wait in line for more canned soup, so I checked in on a friend and went home. No work for me this week, which will be tough financially. All I can do is daydream about Mexican food and margaritas, and tell my blog about it. Thank God for internet.

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