Thank you for your support – 50,000 unique visits looks like a healthy number…

…the more important numbers are the nearly 7,000 unique visits last month being surpassed already this month.

Numbers tell nothing, of course – it could be the case that 500,000 people stopped by here, and it wouldn’t mean anything unless people were commenting, saying hi to me, asking questions of me and others, getting to know every other reader better, helping each other out.

The real progress is that all of the latter is happening, and I want the audience of this blog to grow by those measures. The numbers only tell me that I have a reasonable chance of achieving the higher goods, and as they increase, they make me as proud as I am thankful.

If you’re a regular or occassional reader of this blog, drop a link to your best post in the comments, along with a blurb explaining why people might want to read it. One thing I regret is that I don’t link out to all of you enough, and I want to write a “thank you” post that makes sure that those of you who have blogs at least get a bit of a boost.


  1. Thoroughly deserved! I’m not sure that your blog isn’t one of the most intelligent on the net- personally it would definitely be in my top five blogs. There are too many good posts to isolate one in particular- I think your recent post on love letters is very emotionally interesting- your post on Macbeth was fascinating- I’m still recycling some of the posts on Plato but I think its your work on the founders and on Lincoln that interests me most. Having said that my own reccomendation to someone coming to this blog would be just to head through until they found something interesting- ultimately its the kind of blog where some of the content might not work for everyone- but even if you can get one article, its worth reading taht one article. well done and keep up the good work.

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