If I had one word to describe these recent days, this would be it. Meeting new people, writing the dissertation, working through poems – that’s how life is going, moment by moment, and sometimes it plods.

In some ways, I mind. I want this dissertation to feel like it is writing itself. I want more people to meet me as opposed to me making all the efforts.

But what makes poetry wondrous is how it slows life down: it forces you to focus on a few syllables, keep them in mind, and watch them unfold.

Things are going slowly because of me, and so I’m not complaining.


  1. Ashok,

    Your instincts to let poetry glide into your life, following the flow of time and acceptance, is a very special awareness. I commend you.

    To celebrate such insights, I point you to this wonderful website of poet, mathmetician and incredible humanist Elena Liliana Popescu.

    And from her website, a poem:

    I have been wrong
    not to let love
    flow like a river…

    Time, where have you gone?

    Come back and let me
    carry my sentence out!

    English version: Adrian George Sahlean

    My best regards to you, and hopes the dissertation quickly flows, rather than feeling like a sentence carried out.

    PS – plurk misses you.

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