Links, 9/08/2008

  • Mostly excellent article in the NYTimes arguing that the Taliban conquered Pakistan when forced from Afghanistan, which is why it is so effective in Afghanistan now. Only problem with the article is the Bush-bashing: Bush trusted people in Pakistan who couldn’t be trusted, but our author has met some in Pakistan who can be trusted and they’re all telling our author the unvarnished truth and how they’re gonna fix the problem and not try to use Westerners as dupes at the expense of other people’s lives. Our author provides enough evidence and cynicism finally to counter the idea that any policy regarding Pakistan is an easy one, thankfully.
  • Your usual “voters are dumb” article. Some interesting tidbits, nothing terribly deep.
  • Your usual “kids are dumb” article. Some interesting tidbits, nothing terribly deep.
  • Ario’s post “Bordercrossings” is far more important and interesting than any of the links above. I’m still taking it in.
  • Kristine Lowe actually has good news about journalists adapting to the web and being more informed and informing others.
  • Gracchi has a really good post on Livy’s account of Romulus – there’s a lot packed in it, but this quote of his is very sharp and needs to be weighed and considered: Livy though in detailing Romulus’s end- where he mentions both the story that he was elevated to heaven in a cloud and the account in which he was torn to pieces by the senate- demonstrates the way in which tyranny’s methods can be turned on the tyrant. The senate manufactured- he implies heavily- an account to justify their assacination of the King. They made him a God in order to avoid him as a tyrant… [boldface added by me. To what degree does modern democracy use myth to avoid being ruled by the principles of the past?]

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  1. Cheers mate- its a post I really wanted to get a handle on- I’ve never read Livy thoroughly before and I’m hoping to get through the whole of Books I-V over the next few weeks- I’m doing some exams so its the perfect accompaniment becuase its so dense that a couple of pages produces an article. Hope you are well.

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