It is possible to go over your own head…

…and I did that in the Heidegger/Dickinson post. Still reading to make sure that even if I misrepresent an issue or two, nothing is so crucially wrong it can’t be remedied.

I really should have waited 20 years or so and made sure I read a lot more Aristotle before posting on this. Oh well. It’s a lesson to be learned – keep entries to what you know and raise questions from there. Future entries will not be quite as ambitious in scope from the outset, but I’lll write part 2 soon and come to some sort of conclusion for now.


  1. You’re too, too, hard on yourself. You weren’t over your head, not in the least. You may have overstepped on a point or two, but does that constitute a complete ignorance of the topic written on? Of course not!

    What needs to be done, is to split this post into several more detailed posts, with this one being rewritten as the summation of your efforts. Just a thought.

    I still feel like crap today, the medicine I am taking has the bonus of making me feel as if I have consumed several cases of beer. I wish I could get a lifetime prescription from my doctor. Just think of the possibilities – “I’m not drunk sir, I am recovering from a serious infection – see, here’s my papers.” or “No, I didn’t get the report done yet, this medicine is murder to my senses!” and so, and so on.

  2. It happens- I agree with your earlier commenter- I wrote a post about Down with the Wind and didn’t get it. But I think your post is pretty good- I’m still digesting it- like everything you write its something that needs concentrated reading and thought before I could say I agree or disagree. But its definitely interesting and definitely worth writing.

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