Sketch for a Song, Part 1

She wants to be carried away, and it isn’t unreasonable, even though it is literally unreasonable. Her life has been pain caused by a number of indecisive men and their desire to possess her, she thinks. The pain is real; the tyranny of awful expectation is real. Perhaps it is the fact that they’re holding back that marks them as less than worthy, though: we all want to possess, why can’t they act like men aiming to conquer?

Of course, true love might not be about possession or conquest. It might be about two people being there for each other, providing support, being open, and being willing more than demanding. In which case: love can’t be about being carried away right away. It can’t be a romance which just “is” happiness and all ends happily ever after when it begins. It would have to be friendship, where two people find concord, and then move into romance and those powerful, sweet all-encompassing moments later, the ones not meant to impress in the short term but rather to express what is eternal.

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