More Housekeeping Issues…

  • Some of you have noticed that the Index isn’t up and running entirely yet. I’m working on it piece-by-piece.
  • The most aggravating thing is changing every single link within posts that goes back to the Blogger blog. On a series like Plato’s “Crito,” 6 parts with 5 links per part, one going to every other part, that’s a minimum of 30 links.
  • No search engine traffic whatsoever yet. I’m thinking the Blogger blog might have to be deleted sooner rather than later (Edit: this has just been done). Am submitting to small search engines right now.
  • Any tips or advice or suggestions – give it now while I’m working on everything, please. Also: if you see any entries that are formatted badly, tell me, I’ll edit them right away. Thank you all so much.

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