Attended a wedding this weekend. In case you were curious about who got married:

For Mignon and Aaron Thurow, with faith, hope, & of course love

In the past, Mignon has devoted considerable energy to examining the virtue of hope. Aaron has spoken at length of how our age refuses to believe people can act for a cause, can be motivated by faith more than self-interest. It is our privilege to be in a room filled with the third theological virtue. This has come about because these two were open to finding each other, and that is their greatest gift to us.

As they are colleagues of mine, they are also teachers of mine. Their comments in the core classes have helped me fill notebooks and sometimes papers; they have been open about their experiences, willing to share the good and the bad and think through aloud what they have learned. They honor their communities and strengthen their students merely by being themselves. This leads us, perhaps, to reflect on how exceptional they are.

Only – they wouldn’t permit such praise. They teach not only to build others but so they too can learn. They yearn for the day where we are equal towards each other because we measure up – as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, for God saw that it was good. Our work here is tireless not because we are incomplete, but because what is truly good must perpetuate.

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