What I have to vent about is my own fault. What is most precious is probably slipping away; what needs to be done is not being done well at all.

I can conceive of things being a lot easier. But they are a lot harder for many more people. I wish I could take that knowledge of privilege and turn it into strength, not mere guilt.


  1. A short passage yet I felt compelled to read it several times, trying to analyse and figure how best to respond.

    Having experienced a broader range of the social spectrum than most, it becomes apparent that people are remarkably similar no matter where on the scale they happen to be perched. The gap from top to bottom is not so wide as you might think and whatever the issues, they are equally important to each individual. Guilt in this respect should not be necessary.

    To perform at our best we must all push our boundaries at times but we all have limits too. Recognition of them is easy but acceptance less so.

    Limitation should not be considered weakness, it is our personal best.

  2. a friend of mine, who has experience tremendous pain in her life, always gets all fierce on me when i start comparing myself to her or others.

    at any rate, i am all the way behind you in looking for strength.

    not that *i* need to look for your strength.

    i know it’s there.

    in friendship,

  3. Don’t give up, sweetie. All is not lost. This could be a blessing in disguise. In fact, in some way or another I’m positive it will turn out to be. And you know I’m not one to see the silver lining- we both know it’s always there.

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