Really frustrated with the dissertation. I wish it would just flow and be as natural as writing these blog commentaries. But there are sections of the text which I just don’t understand; they’re using metaphors and distinctions unique to the classics that I haven’t thought through completely.

I’m gonna write some more tonight. Wish me luck, I’ve been bad about it the last few days.

The other thing on my mind is this “nature of the soul” business. Some of you are aware of what I’ve been reading regarding the Phaedo. Those thoughts could mean a lot of commentary on this site has to be reworked.

Not the worst deal – it means 500 more entries – but it’s frustrating sometimes to not be able to think through such crucial issues.

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  1. Regarding the “nature of the soul” and possibly not particularly helpful:

    I reign and yet I am dead
    I feel but cannot cry
    My deeds they must be done
    Yet fate has not begun
    Whosoever met a trusty cur?
    ‘Tis the lost life of a wandering soul.

    Good luck!

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