Some Questions about Online Image

1. I’m not hip enough to join this site. (I’ll probably still try it out though, I wanna try being an online hipster. One day I might be good enough for the Olympics.)

2. I do project the image I want, though, both online and off. This isn’t foolproof, and I have regrets, but I’ve been very happy with myself at times.

3. The interesting issue, esp. for those of you who’ve had or are part of an online clique, like LJ or Xanga or even Myspace or Facebook used a certain way – are there certain types of profiles or diaries which attract more attention just because of their style? Is it possible to be unique when attracting such attention?

A theory: it is possible to be unique, but you need the exact right style that no one knows they’re into.

Some observations: those of you who’ve played around with digg or reddit know that it is a certain kind of troll that will find himself very popular there more often than not. The really decent people I know at digg, though, don’t fit that description at all and do reflect a deeper need.

4. If you do decide to take on some of these questions in the comments, one thing I’m interested in hearing about – do you, or people you know, seem like the people offline that you/they are online?


  1. Those of us that have been part of an online community, or any community, know that it takes some time learning the ropes to be recognized as a member and benefactor.

    for example, if i t4lk li3k this, and use teh and 0wn3d, i might be disregarded by some, recognized by others…depending on the place.

    just like in any community, the topic, language, and mannerisms determines who gets the voice among similar minds in the crowd.

    another thought…i need to stop drinking on weeknights. please dont take my words for a fact of any kind.

  2. it is tricky being unique on the internet.. because once you find something nice it’s so hard to keep track of who likes your style.. if too many people see it, a percentage of those people will steal it for your own. I remember it being like that when I made layouts for xanga a few years back. you’d find a nice template, and a few week later you’d be browsing other layout ‘maker’s’ sites and see the exact one you made, with the exception of the colours and background image changed.

    as for who i am offline–
    I don’t think I sound half as intelligent when I open my mouth in real life because I never have time to think about what I’m saying. when I type things sometimes they just roll out, and sometimes I have time to ponder. personally, I like the time.

    some of my friends would say i’m pretty outgoing/funny, though. but I don’t know.. haha

  3. My from the first moment online self is pretty much the same me as I am around my husband or my sister. I’m not normally as open in person until I’ve been around somebody for quite a while. But I don’t create an online persona or anything. It’s just me- minus some inhibitions.

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