Links, 6/19/08

  • A man widely considered to be National Security Advisor if Barack Obama should be elected has just given a lecture saying that Winnie the Pooh should shape our foreign policy. (I’m worried for Piglet already.) Do read the comments – they’re right-wing but hilarious.
  • Yes, this is Straussian, well-argued, and reliable. This is where I invoke my own authority, though: don’t read too much into this “the ancients were hardened” stuff. If pity is to give way to rationality, it is in the service of philosophy as eros. Grad students at my school used to tell me how much Aristotle was “meh” on “philanthropia,” and I felt like saying, “well, that’s why you’re not a philosopher.”
  • I’m jealous of Jennifer’s ability to describe her day.

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  1. Hello! Thanks for dropping by! I already have a new blog buddy, and am addicted to Galadarling. I am trying to make multiple blogs a day right now, to get a lot of content so I can drag in future readers. Also, I linked you on the page :)

    Have a great day!

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