So What Exactly Does 25,000 Unique Visitors Mean?

This blog is hitting some neat numerical milestones more and more rapidly. I am very happy with the volume of traffic: I just wish some of the search engine traffic did me a favor and linked back to me or credited me elsewhere. But I really can’t complain about not having exposure – the deep thing that the sheer number shows is that a lot more people know who I am than I can conceive. Whether that means anything, I’m not sure. I suspect when I become more popular the people that visited once and said to themselves “interesting” will be back again, that there is a bandwagon effect.

But there is no doubt that except for the immediate audience, there could be an improvement in the sorts of readers I’m getting generally. Except for a very few of you, they’re not showing anything like gratitude. Truth be told, if one of the 100-150 visitors this blog gets per day linked back to me via anything – delicious, Myspace, whatever – I would be enormously popular without too much trouble.

Think I should put that up as a disclaimer or something? Maybe just beg for links? So far my strategy has been to find places that have audience members I would like, so I’m still looking for artsy, literary, philosophical blogs, and also am looking for conservatives who have an open mind.

Anyone have any additional thoughts? This is a big milestone for this blog: 25,000 means that those of you who have been reading for a while are far from alone. But I don’t think I’m unreasonable or overambitious in wanting to hit 50,000 even faster. Growth is perfectly reasonable, up to a point. That point, for a blog with content as dense as this one, is probably around 500 unique visitors a day. I can’t really expect thousands upon thousands, I don’t write for that many.

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