When you get older, that hollow empty feeling from ambition and desire weakens. It’s not that the desire is unnatural – wanting to be loved is more than reasonable.

But quiet moments where everything is good enough start occurring more and more, if you grow. Today I was happy because the sun was shining and the air was just the right temperature. – I didn’t even care that the sun shone enough to make every outdoor surface anything but the right temperature. –

It wasn’t like this for me when I was 21. Then, everything had to be in order, I had to know where I was going, and mostly I had to know who I was going with.

I still need that knowledge. The contentment is from seeing all the things I know now, and letting them be.

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  1. one of the crucial moments in my life was my father’s 60th birthday. he gave a little speech, talking about how wonderful this time in his life was – unencumbered by the craziness of being young, and unfettered by the frailties of being old. just being content and enjoying life to the fullest.

    ever since then i treasure every year that i am becoming older.

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