Links, 5/20

  • An excellent article that suggests our very notion of love has been marketed to us. Exactly why does an 8 year old need to know about relationships and break-ups? And what does it say about us that unchecked cliches make money over and over?
  • OMG u kan n0t b srs! (I think that’s misspelled even in lolcat).
  • This isn’t the greatest article, but the idea of “message discipline” makes my heart sink, esp. when one of the arguments of this blog is that a better politics comes from a people that can disagree articulately and thoughtfully.

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  1. Re: LOLspeak in essays. Sad to say, I’ve seen it, along with other, “interesting” turns of phrase…for example:

    * pysciological (physiological)
    * lepraucy (what Jesus apparently cured in some poor folk)
    * “Without research we would still be drilling holes in ppls heads to let the demons out…” (Wow.)
    * “The abnormal people are people too…” (Dear god, I want that in a tattoo)

    The day that someone used the word “poop” repeatedly in an essay on Freud, though, was the crowning achievement.

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