Lazy and Proud

This weekend has been relaxed, but I don’t regret it. The weather could have gotten under my skin more – heck, if I had been more resolved to do more yesterday, the humidity and heat alone might have caused me injury.

Spent dinner reading Natural Right and History to myself, pretending as if I were being lectured while munching. It’s a good way to work, with coffee and cake and water right in front of one, while reading one line at a time, stopping, wondering, writing, then moving to the next line, scratching out the previous sentence written, and stopping and wondering and writing again.

For whatever reason, whenever I’m in front of the computer I feel rushed. I feel like the dissertation has to be written, the blog has to be promoted, everyone I know has to be contacted otherwise I’m neglecting them, and of course new essays have to be written for the audience here. I don’t mind that feeling sometimes, but with the dissertation requiring a bit more planning, it isn’t the greatest feeling in the world.

Will be back in Jersey very soon, about a week away. If I have been neglectful and not been in touch with some of you, please contact me.


  1. I’d say you should focus on the dissertation as much as you need to; everything else can take a back seat for a while. You don’t need to have extraneous things stressing you out while you’re trying to write. Your readers will understand :)

  2. Right on about the edginess when in front of computer. I limit to an hour’s use each day when exams/assignments clamor for attention, and thank my lucky stars that I don’t usually have strong ideas/opinions clawing at the walls of my mind demanding to be shared.

  3. The toolbar says lazy and proud which is why i’m writting this. I’m not really replying I was just looking for a place to post something about how lazy I am and how people shouldn’t hate lazy people. I have a book of Dark Enlightenment that has a little on laziness, here it goes: “You know, I felt like dog shit for six months one time, worse than I ever felt, I doubt a good number of old people feel that bad…and if because of it, I wantta be lazzy, so what…so be it…work doesn’t really accomplish much if anything, especially not hard work, maybe you think I’m talking about farm work…hard work doesn’t have to be farm work…that doesn’t mean that farm work isn’t harder. If there’s a god out there, I highly doubt he or his son stayed on this place for more than three decades, they wouldn’t last not one damn day!…no matter what part of what country they came to. They’d get their ass back where it came from! You may talk from experience, but so do I…from my experience!!!”

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