Go Read Josh’s "A Fallen Generation"

I merely want to commend Josh’s article to all of you because of its honesty. I would be interested in reading responses that follow up and expand on it.

Josh puts the problem facing all of us rather bluntly in his post “A Fallen Generation” – the best and brightest of our generation seem to be completely excluded from honors or even meaningful work. What I like best about his analysis is the logic underlying it. That logic goes “Since this seems to be a generational problem, let us see how our generation interacts with other generations.” What Josh finds is that we’ve been raised with a more conservative set of values that makes us submit to liberals in authority merely because they have authority. I think that “conservative” and “liberal” in this analysis are losing their explicit political connotations – the argument against environmentalists Josh uses could also be used against Creationists. Also, while I rant about the academy being Leftist tripe, I do owe more liberal professors of mine an enormous amount, and am all too aware of what conservative tripe can do scholastically. The issue ultimately is where authority for each of us is coming from, and how we’re limiting each other’s opportunities because we’re not standing up for each other. “The best lack all conviction / While the worst are full of passionate intensity.”

Anyway, that’s my two cents, and I am aware it was written hastily. If you do choose to write about Josh’s post, let me know and I’ll link to your response.

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