Power over words should mean the ability to persuade, and persuasion should mean that at some point I can get what I want in some small degree.

Instead, what words used rightly do is make people think; “persuasion” occurs, but wow can it be limited. I probably have to confess I suck at this advice/persuasion game more than I like to admit. The frustration hits hardest when this problem occurs regarding people I want to love me (Note: this is absolutely not happening to me at the moment. It has happened before. I’m mopey right now for another “reason”). I actually do get them thinking, and when they start thinking, they start thinking about everything and everyone else except me.

Which is very weird, really. I always thought wisdom was intimately tied to gratitude, for to ask questions about something in order to probe its depths is to treat that something with the utmost respect. That’s probably the underlying reason why wisdom and moderation are linked: the questions have to “be fitting” for the object of inquiry. To ask too much too soon is to destroy the object, and that can only be done if one is certain there is something higher.

– Maybe I’m asking too much too soon. Maybe I’m destroying the possibility of the higher objects. –

But perhaps our age can be marked as fundamentalist: all of us know how and what to love, and we know we’re exactly right about it, and that’s it. Damn it, one reason why I pray is for ability, so that I can at least feel like I’m doing a bit more for myself. Instead I’m in the position where hearts and minds have to be engaged at a level well beyond my power, and this problem is happening publicly (exactly when is this blog going to get an audience that grows on its own?) and most certainly privately.

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