In the computer lab, doing Greek – want to start a commentary on the dissertation text, I’ve begun writing out a few sentences of the dissertation itself.

I don’t feel prepared for this at all, but I figure if I start writing in earnest (as opposed to the notes I’ve been collecting), it’ll force me to focus more as I read and this will get done more quickly.


  1. Ashok, I’ve told you before, and I know that you have your “reasons,” but, I will tell you again – get a laptop/notebook! This way, when out and about, like now, you won’t have to sit in that wretched, and outdated, computer lab. A laptop gives you ever so much freedom from the confines of traditional computing. Do yourself a favor and look into it.

  2. Josh is absolutely right- its much more pleasant to work on a laptop- especially as summer comes on than inside on a computer.

    Good luck with the writing.

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