My Journal Is Filled With Poems…

…that I can’t make head or tail of. I go the library daily and try to copy down something by Dickinson or Auden before I do any dissertation/politics related studying.

The thing is, I’ve been copying down poems that must be on some “WTF” list. I don’t know why I’m drawn to them, I’m reading them over trying to make sense of them, but alas nothing is clicking.

So my apologies that the blogging has been slower recently. I’m going to try to make blogging time a priority, since it helps me get ideas out on paper and should be a boon to the dissertation writing. It’s just that getting to the labs and using IE 6 is a royal pain.

If I haven’t gotten in touch with you, and you’re mad at me, contact me. I really am sorry I’m not keeping up with everyone as well as I should be.

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