As some of you know, my birthday didn’t go so hot. I was trapped on campus the night before because I didn’t want to walk the distance back to where I was staying through a lot of mud/rain/wind/lightning. I waited until morning and only walked through a little mud/rain/wind/lightning that completely soaked all my clothes external and internal (shut up).

I slept most of the day, woke up to find a wet snow mixture blowing wildly and making the concept of “visibility” a complete and total joke. So I read Xenophon and wrote some and watched anime.

Am I happy? Very much so, I’m going to keep a bit quiet for now but the mere possibility of talking, being listened to, and doing some listening is thrilling. I haven’t been this happy in a long while. Your prayers and thoughts are requested.

Commentary on Xenophon’s Symposium is forthcoming.

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