Things I Should Do in Dallas vs. Things I Will Do

Alright – my flight for Dallas leaves early tomorrow morning. I should be on campus at noon Dallas time. What I should do while there:

  • Read Xenophon and write chapters of this dissertation off according to the outline
  • Translate the German article detailing disputed authorship and themes of one work related to the topic
  • Sit in on Islamic Philosophy, if possible, and if given permission, post entries on some of the things covered there
  • Check in with choir and see what I can do
  • Get a timeline/schedule for what needs to be done when and stick to it
  • Find a way to get rides back to where I’m staying from campus / get a bicycle
  • Get my school ID working / pay any registration fees demanded / get a school mailbox
  • Prepay for a few meals from the cafeteria (if you pay for them outright, you don’t have to pay tax each time)
  • Blog daily
  • NOT look for that brand of beer which had the 40’s that were $2 each (Shiner will do just fine, in moderation)
  • NOT spend all my time arguing with undergrads unaware there’s the best sushi place in the world down the street about what Aristotle and Locke really meant, or worse yet, about their religious views
  • NOT spend my time talking to grad students who would be well-served reading this blog instead of trying to tell me what the nature and order of the cosmos is according to the author they just read
  • NO sitting and whining even for a moment when 1) there’s tons to do 2) there’s a whole audience wondering how this project will go and eager to hear about it 3) I’ll have phones and e-mail and quite possibly some form of IM and there are many to keep up with individually, if they aren’t actually in the area 4) this could be the last time I’m in school as a student. I’m nearly 30. Something is changing whether I like it or not. Maybe this time out, I’ll be recognized as at least becoming a teacher, maybe treated as one.

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  1. Lists can be really helpful in actually getting the tasks accomplished. I don’t do well without them myself. Especially somedays when it feels like my brain has stopped its inner analytic function or some weird thing like that. blah.

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