…the one thing I can get in Dallas that I really don’t trust Philly with is sushi, and I had plenty of that tonight.

Will update more later, but y’all are free to e-mail or call (just ask for my number if I haven’t given it already). I’m getting used to being here more, I should be online a lot more.


  1. heya, i got your facebook message, moments before i decided to kick myself off it for the week. hope things are going well still. :)

  2. I’m glad that you are feeling more comfortable and welcome back down in big D. But Sushi? I never understood the desire for fish. let alone uncooked fish. Something about swimming around in their own excrement or something, but I digress…

    It is good to see all, or most, of the apprehension melt away. Once you feel comfortable everything else can fall into place.

    Peace out bro!

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