Links (More on McCain Edition), 2/06/08

  • Josh and John Podhoretz both argue that conservative weeping and gnashing over McCain is a waste of time: McCain is more conservative than most think. James Wigderson makes a lot of sense while not quite being content with McCain.
  • Over at The New Republic (why is this publication still in business? Isn’t lying to all your readers and the world repeatedly something punishable? Or do they exist because every single one of us is laughing at them), John Judis tries to make sense of Super Tuesday as a whole.
  • Oh yeah – I made a Squidoo lens on political blogging, please check it out and give me feedback on what I should add to make it nicer, or how I can change the question to give actual info. A Squidoo lens about arts and poetry on the Net will be forthcoming if this one does well-enough.

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  1. I’m pretty sure The New Republic is still in business for the same reasons we allow other tabloid newspapers to remain in business.

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