Yet again we get another puff piece by the Chronicle telling us that there’s nothing wrong with academia, nothing at all. Conservatives are more interested in practical things, and liberals are interested in theoretical things. “Empirical research” shows this to be the case, and awwwwwwwww look there’s a married couple with one conservative partner and one liberal partner and they’re so cute when they’re doing research like this together! I bet their kid dressed as a state that was purple for Halloween!

The reason why the academy has to change is self-congratulatory crap like this, the tone of which is used to say that anyone who says otherwise is a crackpot. After all, I can’t prove “empirically” that academe is full of it. And that’s true – empirical data is only relevant when a sense of value, a sense of what one is looking for, has been established.

In this case, the two professors think a perfectly practical solution to academia’s dearth of conservatives is possible. They went looking for it and found “solutions” – you can see the article and the research for yourself and ask if any of that will work. I’m more on the “can we incite some riots” tangent – part of me thinks that if Harvard exploded into an orgy of violence, at least I could get a good laugh watching on the evening news at Harvard what happens at Rutgers or Ohio State after football games.

There are very deep issues if one cares to look for them, but don’t expect the Chronicle to take education seriously anytime soon.

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  1. Who are we kidding? They don’t have a kid! They don’t have one because she uses some form of “control” and he is too whipped to tell her “hell no you ain’t using no pill! I ain’t using no rubber! So shut up and have my baby!”

    Seriously, the very fact that academia has to write things like this to “prove” that they aren’t facing a major problem points to the fact that they are facing a major problem. I guess these two didn’t take logic as undergrads. Oh well!

  2. Your post and the previous comment hit the nail on the head – not to mention made me laugh (picturing an academic baby-making argument is disturbing…)

    Academia is having serious problems – I know at my school, the provincial gov’t got a report that recommended the transformation of our university into a polytechnic (heavily stressing RECOMMENDED – not set in stone). But you couldn’t convince profs that it was just a possibility (because God knows, the format/purpose of our programs needs an overhaul) – instead, many profs wore their political views to the point that students would come to yet another canceled class so the prof could “let those interested” participate in a support rally. A lot of PO’d students being forced to digest prof political beliefs – or else feel their wrath in one way or another.

    Anyhoo. I’m rambling, my apologies. Thanks for the post!

    (and PS – turns out that the recommendations were just that – no “ungodly” transformation of our humble uni. I think someone tried telling them not to jump the gun…I’m sure of it…)

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