Still Sick

Coughing a lot, but emotionally I feel pumped. I’m not able to concentrate on my books – that’s just text-overload – but I can read a poem. I whisper a few words to myself at a time, musing on them, and moving on slowly through it.

Today’s halfway done, and I definitely need more rest, but it’ll be productive.

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  1. I know you think I’m crazy, but I promise garlic helps a lot. I really have no idea why, but you can either take the pill form or eat a bunch, make some soup out of it, but get a whole lot in (and a whole lot of sleep) and whatever’s making you sick will pass a lot quicker.

    Whatever you actually do I hope you get better like immediately!!

  2. Get well soon, Ashok. Meanwhile I am enjoying raiding your archives here. It just reminds one again that this is possibly one of the best blogs about.

    Regards, etc.

  3. I hope you continue to mend, those South American bugs are a bit feistier than our average cold. It does sound like it is breaking, just continue to drink hot tea with natural honey, lemon, and of course anything that is very spicy – spicy food improves your immune system and releases endorphins that will make you feel much better.

    I’ll call to see if you are better, or getting better any way.


  4. I am realizing this year that my
    colds have been remarkably shallow
    and few since I got up over 2 miles
    walking per day. I’ll vouch for
    the spicy food too! I read that
    cayenne pepper opens the nose when
    decongestants won’t, with the low
    level fungal infections where you
    are suffy for months. And so it
    clears them as well, by moving things along. Seems to help
    breathing too.
    Your analysis is atypical and
    very carefully pursued
    Ashok..interesting reads!

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