State of the Blog, 1/11/2008

  • Raw numbers: Traffic is up this week, at an average of 117 unique visitors a day as of this posting. When I was in Dallas/CR, that number was 30-40. Before that, there were weeks in November where I would average 150 a day, but if we extend the calendar all the way back there is no discernible traffic trend: traffic only starts picking up for this blog in October, with the numbers from June – September being quite depressing actually.
  • Perhaps more to the point: Subscriber numbers haven’t substantially changed since I started tracking subscribers, which was a while ago.

So where does one go from here? Hazel has proposed two very good solutions:

  • Get the forums going: She’s absolutely right, the forums are actually off to a great start – what’s there is fairly intelligent and I need to add a few posts to spark conversation (btw – bluerose has a great post on Google and rights over pictures you might want to check out). Without the forums, audience engagement will always be a problem. With them, it’s an opportunity.
  • Get attention to the archives. I really hate the Blogger Related Posts plug-ins. It’s so bad that a switch to WordPress needs to be considered, and that probably needs to be done before the audience grows any more.

That last point brings up a big issue: Is the audience growing? I can safely say yes – I’m getting to know the people who are reading this blog, the main growth has occurred via Digg and now Propeller (StumbleUpon has made me friends, but hasn’t sent much traffic at all my way recently).

But while I can say “yes,” what disturbs me is that the long term trend doesn’t really exist. All the major growth has been short-term, since November really, and any advice y’all have is more than welcome. I realize that for those of you who have been with me these 400 plus entries, those archives are a bit lacking nowadays – you know everything in them – but I would submit to you that the real trick to this blogging thing is to get the archives to get attention, so that present posts can focus on more pertinent matters, like the relation of the modern self to the law in the Crito.

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  1. Hi Ashok! Sorry it’s been a while. I’m still out of town taking care of my dying Uncle.

    I’m curious, though, about your opinions on WordPress vs. blogger. I’m not as interested in expanding my audience as you are. The art communities I’m involved in serve my purpose for blogging, so I don’t really have any advice on how to expand. But, I’m always interested in improving my blog, and would like to hear more about WordPress.

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