News and Notes, 1/2/2008

  • First of all, a huge thank you to Bill Farris and Christine Seitz of the Collegium Cantorum of the University of Dallas who made the trip to Costa Rica one of the best ones I’ve ever had. For Christine: here’s the link to the Bill Waterson article where he describes what makes political cartooning work/not work. (If you’re interested in how previous Collegium trips have gone for me, contact me privately.)
  • Regarding Costa Rica: the “No TLC” graffiti we saw was indeed a direct attack on US policy (TLC is the Spanish acronym for CAFTA). The compliment Collegium was given – that our country is their country, that their home is our home – looks a lot more significant in that light.
  • I’m in Dallas until the evening of the third. I should be hanging around campus tomorrow trying to get some German and dissertation junk done. My UD e-mail account is defunct right now and I have to get that fixed (Edit: this has been resolved, and I am very grateful). I’ll be around in Philly late on the 3rd. This has been a wonderful trip and I’ve been healthy and productive, but it will be great to get back.
  • Happy New Year, everyone – please say hi in the comments if you’re reading this entry, I’ll get in touch with you, I’ve got a ton of stories.


  1. Glad to hear that the trip went well! I hope that the flight back home isn’t too tiring, give a call when you are refreshed and caought up.

  2. Thanks, your company certainly made the trip more enjoyable for me as well! Thanks also for sharing your blog – I shall enjoy reading through it when it’s slow at work.

    I’m getting a few people together to see Alien vs. Predator tonight at Studio Movie Grill, if you’re interested. First round of beer is on me. Now that I’ve got access to cough syrup, you might even be able to hear the movie :)


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