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  1. *pink* tools? Give me a DeWalt power drill. Sarah Jessica Parker indeed. Bleagh.

    Regarding tax plans: while it certainly has intriguing aspects, I’m not sold on the idea of switching to a sales tax. It’s nice that it would encourage saving, but it really would be kind of hard on the poor, who have to spend a greater percentage of their income for living expenses. Instead of the progressive income tax we have now, it would be essentially a regressive tax in relation to income. Any attempt to negate that effect by trying to somehow graduate sales taxes as the writer suggested would be terribly messy and, in my opinion, unacceptably intrusive.

    I tend to think a flat income tax would be the cleanest, fairest way to go. I think that income from all sources (i.e. earned income vs. investment income) should be taxed equally as well. I also think it’s probably a good idea to get rid of tax deductions and credits. This would be vastly simpler than the ridiculous system we currently have in place, and save tons of money and headaches (although I realize it would put H&R Block out of business). And, of course, there would no longer be the disincentive to work/be productive that goes along with a progressive tax, which could only make the country as a whole more prosperous.

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