Links, 1/04/08

  • Josh has a nice explanation of and link to a petition for getting on baseball’s case regarding steroid abuse. MLB has nearly destroyed the game and needs to be kept in check.
  • This is long, like most of my recent writings, but probably a really important post of mine – it is an evaluation of the state of political blogging right now.
  • I think I’m coming down with something. I’ve been coughing all day and I’m not able to focus at all.

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  1. Actually, I do think the next president will be treated better. They have to be because they will invariably be different, even if they embark upon the same policies and strategies, they will be different.

  2. I “disagree,” if only for this reason: Can we be sure of that?

    I never thought we’d see the abuse heaped on the President like we have seen.

  3. You are right, we can’t be sure of that, but I feel it will be that way – to start at least.

    The hatred of this president stems from before his election. He was a man that drove the liberals crazy just campaigning. Add to that hatred the fact that the election ended the way it did and you get paranoia and irrational fear and hatred. Also, we don’t like dynasties – father offspring politics, as much as other nations. It was perfect storm of circumstances that opened the door for wholesale hatred of the president for no other reason than he was the president.

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