Approaching 10,000 Unique Visits…

…and wondering, what does it mean? For comparison’s sake:

  • DailyKos, at this writing: 665,864,413 – even without that number, it is the world’s most influential website, having remade the Democratic party in its image and likeness.
  • Gracchi is at 61,902 – his influence cannot be underestimated. For being as intellectual as he is, to even show up on the UK blogosphere radar is a big deal. Yet he’s shown up at places like the Guardian’s “Comment Is Free,” Iain Dale and a number of others who are considered significant in UK political circles. Only thing is, he doesn’t merely take others’ ideas and get people shouting about them – he proposes solutions and brand new questions of his own. In that sense, he might be considered more effective than Kos, who has to cater to what he has unleashed and pretty much stick to the script (“we’re here to win. Hence, Hillary is just as bad as Bush” seems to be the “new” one).

This is an open thread, say whatever you want below. I’m curious as to what the significance of 10,000 unique visits since October is. Part of me is thinking that this is of enormous significance: how many people even reach tens or hundreds of people in their lives? But another part is more practical – if the threshold for influence corresponds to a heavily inflated number of visitors for US politics – then there is much to be done, still, and new approaches may need to be employed.

Again, your thoughts are welcome and requested.

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  2. Hey mate- interesting- I’m going to respond perhaps later. I do think it matters as to what is a reader. Personally I think lots of the bigger blogs are used by people as news aggregators which means effectively that their ‘readership’ is lower than it seems. I can see what you mean in the trade off between originality and readership but then there are readers say who turn up for a particular article and nothing else so there is that issue as well. I’m not sure how much of an impact it has.

  3. Gracchi – agreed. Those problems exist with all blogs.

    Big issue is how to keep the growth at a constantly increasing rate. It took about 4 months to hit 10,000 – I wonder if I can hit 20,000 in 2 somehow?

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