On the Eagles’ Prospects for Next Year:

Ned Macey at Football Outsiders put it perfectly:

A rehabbing quarterback, inconsistent secondary, and poor red zone offense have spelled the difference between a 9-5 team heading to the playoffs and a 6-8 team questioning the direction of the franchise. If they stay the course, odds are they would be right back in the thick of a playoff chase next season. If they panic and dump one of the best quarterbacks in football because the team around him has regressed and the local talk radio shows are calling for his head, the Eagles will get the sustained mediocrity they deserve.

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  1. I don’t think they are going to drop Dmac, I just don’t see it. The radio shows are hosted by jack asses and are listened to by bigger jack asses. Speaking of jack asses, Pam Oliver is a lying cow. She’s done it before, so I believe McNabb when he says that he didn’t say he was leaving.

    Look at all the bad years that Favre had in Greenbay, or Elway in Denver, or even Aikmen in Dallas. All of those QB’s had horrendous years and no one intimated that they were washed up – except for Favre. When those guys had bad seasons it was acknowledged that they had no receivers, or bad coaching, or no run game. It was never their fault – except Favre. Why is there so much hatred for McNabb?

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