The Many Ways Of Keeping Up and Participating With This Blog

  • If you use a feed reader, you can subscribe to this blog’s feed. If you don’t know what a feed reader is, it’s actually a lot of fun – its a way of creating your own newspaper out of any media that offers feeds. Google Reader is probably the best feed reader and gives a video tutorial.
  • If you don’t use a feed reader but still want to keep up without visiting here every second, you can use the e-mail update. I just realized that updates via e-mail involve a two stage subscription process – after you sign up, you’ll be sent an automated e-mail asking you to confirm that you’ve signed up by clicking a link. Annoying, but that’s how Feedburner does these things, and it isn’t like I pay them.
  • Yet another thing that might interest you is the forums. What’s neat about the forums is that you can create a profile there where you can list your website and ways of getting in touch with you. In other words, if you feel the need to self-promote a bit, merely participating in the forum will draw attention to any site you list in your profile. You’ll also get to meet some of the other people reading this blog, and that is an exceedingly talented and intelligent group.
  • Finally, I do participate in social bookmarking sites for the sake of practicing writing, networking, and of course promoting this blog. If you search akarra at StumbleUpon or ashok at Digg I’m there, finding newer and newer ways to annoy people. So if you want to bug me directly for whatever reason, you have that option too.

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