In Memoriam

To live in the best way possible involves keeping the people that sacrificed the most for us in mind.

And yet few of us would say our lives are a prayer that would benefit them.

We could blame ourselves for this. Some of us really need to blame ourselves and get more basic things in order – we’re not living in any way that would be worth sacrificing anything for.

But others have a more difficult problem: What happens when goods conflict in priority, and efforts toward each are ambiguous? And what happens when one good relies on other things falling into place? Do the dead really have patience for the living?

I wonder if today and yesterday are less about our prayers for them, and more about their prayers for us. There are a lot of people who are feeling they’ve done nothing in life, even as they’ve invested everything rightly. And it wasn’t merely the possibility but the actuality of justice that was sacrificed for.

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