I’m dreading this visit by a friend of my father’s. He’s had interesting things to say before – he has discussed things the Navy was interested in commissioning/purchasing – but it is hard to get relevant information from him in a logical manner. He gives out decent thoughts sporadically and it is hard to tell exactly where he’s going with an argument, if he cares to argue anything.

Things might be different this time out, but knowing that talking has been pulling teeth from him and his wife in the past – damn, now that I think about it, they talk most about their one daughter no matter how little they know about her – I really am not looking forward to this.

Edit: I’ve already been rude to them multiple times now that they’re here, and I don’t give a damn. I don’t think anyone has brought out this much apathy and contempt from me at once – they have no clue how to ask questions and be polite. Conversation? hahahahahahaha. My mom is dealing with them now, she teaches 6 year olds, so she’s really adept at talking about how cool it is that air is invisible.

Edit #2: They’re actually not that bad as the night is progressing – my dad is a giant problem, though.

Edit #3: I sound way more belligerent in this post than I actually am. I’ve already gotten compliments from them for being a good host. I’m really good about asking them about what they need and letting them talk. It’s just when they start rambling pointlessly for hours, or come so early in the morning before I’ve gotten ready in any way… that kind of stuff tends to bug one, y’know? They’ve been over since 7:30 this morning. It’s 12 noon and I haven’t been able to leave my room b/c this is a small house and I really don’t want to shower and stuff right in front of them.

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  1. Heh. That sinking feeling you have with certain guests, eh?

    Don’t get me started on my in-laws…Every time I have the same conversation with them.

    Oh and fathers… What is wrong with them? (says this father).

    Good luck…

  2. This morning the friend of my dad came over and talked non-stop during breakfast for 1 hour in the loudest voice. Doesn’t ask any questions, doesn’t check to see if people are listening, doesn’t present a coherent narrative.

    I thought only my dad did that.

    I’m realizing fast that “birds of a feather”… my parents have these guys as friends b/c no one else is willing to be friends.

  3. Email troubles have worsened. It as spread to IM thingies. I can receive messages, can’t respond. Same thing with emails – receive, can’t send or attach files. can’t log in to blog either. Clients getting cross. I think you know who is doing you know what to keep me isolated so that they can do you know what to me.

    lady strange

  4. p/s – brother the prat having no such problem becos he’s still chatting with his gf on msn and emailing his lecturer.

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