They want to learn, there is much to teach.

Accessibility is the issue. The newest readers have read the Gettysburg Address commentary, the brief history of America, and even the essay asking if politics is reducible to rhetoric.

So now what? I really don’t want to write on the Federalist and the origins of modern Constitutionalism. It’s metaphor, to be sure, and it is dense and complicated. But it is overly complicated and not terribly inspiring. It is a response to the time “when men were bold, and women weren’t too particular,” and it was an effective response.

The safest thing is to get them back to the Bible and into poetry so they have stuff they can remember and hold with them. Then if they want to know particulars about history or an issue, that can be dealt with issue by issue. News, of course, reverses this order – the old stuff will always be there, so it is second in priority to what is ephemeral. And then we wonder why we have citizens that know nothing about their own heritage, but can discuss at great length the finances of the world and what politicians should be doing and how evolutionary theory proves atheism.

Still, the question is how to introduce the poetry, especially given that the writings I have now were meant to be an introduction themselves…

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