Autumn’s Seduction

The leaves are yellow mostly, with green artfully dabbled in all sorts of shades in an air filled with plumage. Everything seems so alive when the wind blows softly and the sun illuminates the colors from behind the leaves.

On some trees there are reds and browns but they have not consumed how alive everything feels.

And yet – does the external mirror the internal? I feel happy, but I also feel thoughtless. This has been the case since August – there hasn’t been genuine reflection on issues and new thought.

Just ideas, and I feel like I’m talking myself into something as opposed to being appropriately critical.

“Beauty is nature’s fact” says Dickinson, and I wonder if beauty is not only necessitated but what is necessary is itself beautiful. If that is the case, let the consumption come, let the ugliness begin. I have been seduced, and life is too short for all of us for the truth to be defined only by what mesmerizes and fades before our very eyes.

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