A Major Reason To Watch Fox News Is That It Is Not CNN

One question I might try to take on later is whether or not liberal activism necessarily means liberal activists have to lie. After all, if you believe progress occurs through any challenge whatsoever to the present, then isn’t saying anything (it could be a lie, it could be the truth, who cares) always in the service of a greater good?

The Leftist ideology driving the Democratic party via the netroots now is probably far too radical to be allowed to have any sort of power – it seems to see all media as manipulative which doesn’t parrot its stance exactly. Which raises the question: What does a sustainable liberal critique of the Right look like, and how can we encourage a moderate Democratic party that is opposed to Republicans on issues but not openly pining for the death of the Vice President?


  1. Hey there, Ashok. Excellent post. According to Malkin, the lefties are accusing those of us able to use Google of “stalking” now. Thanks for the link, btw. I’ve added you to my blogroll.

  2. You must be joking.

    Fox “news” is pure psycho-pathology.

    It could very well be broadcast from the Asylum of Charenton where Marat Sade was incarcerated.

    The main characters of the 60’s film Marat Sade by Peter Brooks are EXACTLY like the “anchors” or main personalities (poison-anal-ties) at Fox.

    “anchors” for such news

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