Links, 10/24

  • On China: What I would like to have seen in this excerpt is an argument comparing the amount of social unrest in China with social unrest in other totalitarian regimes before they fall. It seems to me an authoritarian regime can live against the will of the vast majority of its own people in many cases.
  • A blogger documents her fun with HP – customer service nightmare #2983479279743287927.
  • Sharon wrote on this a while ago, but this post on syphilis is too well-done for me to not link to directly.
  • Has Iraq been won?

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  1. yeah, that article out of the economist was very troubling – not least of which was the lack of a real explanation. I didn’t feel like ripping it, just “presenting” it. Ce tout!

    There has been a real lack of news, or issues, as of late. Nothing to sink my teeth into. We are winning in Iraq, despite what the NY Times says. Calling them ninny’s gets old after a while. So, you know?

    I don’t know about these forums and what not. They seem iffy – can’t quite put my finger on it though. Maybe it’s my aversion to anything that smells of participatory democracy.

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