Links, 9/7/2007

  • I don’t know if you’ll get any use out of this, but the Chronicle of Higher Ed. has a blog that blogs about blogs. I found a lot of the entries too tedious or too trendy, but did leave a comment on one of them that is probably out-of-place (I actually didn’t mean to be rude, either).
  • Ruthie’s right. This is obscene, and the trend is even more disturbing.
  • Sick of Diana coverage? (It reads quickly, to its credit.)
  • I don’t get it at all. I find women attractive when they’re into me nowadays. For all my problems, I’ve worked hard to be who I am. I can’t get into something like this in any sense.

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  1. Mon ami, you are not alone in your astonishment at what passes for good taste nowdays. The excessive Diana, Princess of Wales news may be shunted if one is careful. I personally found the article about stripper poles repulsive. I mean whatever happened to conversation for one, but it seems that only old fogies like us like to sit on sofas and talk so as to better improve our acquaintance. The wall street journal one certainly takes the biscuit. *staggers backwards and falls into a chair in a near faint* What is this world coming to… Scratch that, in light of the fact that people like that and my brother are now running amok in the world, it would see that people like us are being winnowed out.

    By the way, I shall write you a snail mail letter when I settle some of the family’s affairs. My CV is finally up at ‘la philosophe’, and I roused enough pluck to send Christopher Kelly my translation of Emile et Sophie. *Fingers crossed*

  2. Why is the youtube thing obscene? Why do we get so upset over these types of ploys? Is it any different than the girl who dresses different on stage and in public to promote an image? I think we give too much credit to amateurish qualities and status than is truly warranted. I really don’t think that it’s obscene, tacky maybe, but not obscene – I wasn’t offended by it.

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