Announcing the "What Neglected Issue Should US Presidential Candidates Address More?" Meme

There are so many issues that are being neglected by the current slate of US Presidential candidates, as well as issues they claim to be addressing that are not being addressed well at all.

What I want participants in this meme to do is write on one or two issues that they think a Democratic or Republican party platform should address. Please keep the posts succinct, unless you have a fairly thorough assessment and solution to a problem. In the latter case, a summary of what you think along with a link to a larger proposal would be wonderful.

Feel free to tag up to 5 others for this meme if you are tagged. Anyone from anywhere can participate, and please do trackback or link back to this post. I want a collection of responses to emerge, and I will definitely create a post linking to as many responses as I can and highlighting the best ones. I hope the trackback feature I’ve enabled will allow this list to grow by itself without me having to create new posts for this meme all the time.

I want to tag Gracchi, Ruthie, Lady Strange, and Josh and Irate Nate for the first round. If you want to participate, please do – I’m only not calling names of bloggers I’m subscribed to (like Jennifer) just in case you/they don’t want to be forced to blog about this.

Oh, and if you’re interested, my thoughts on what a US Presidential candidate might want to address are here.

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