The USA at the Opera

America a world leader in opera? Doesn’t surprise me

What is interesting to me is how classical music generally isn’t terribly appreciated. Is this just a fad being documented in the article?

I should say that I only got into opera after 1) years of piano 2) years of listening to classical music 3) formal vocal training 4) vocal performance in sacred music 5) going to the opera. – I tend to be a bit picky about new things. –

I bring my background up in order to ask about the general question of tastes in music. I tend to think they’re declining, but I don’t have any solid proof of this, and the opera story makes me wonder. One doesn’t need tons of education in order to appreciate music, but one has to wonder how little education or exposure one needs to appreciate certain types of music.

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  1. hey there ashok –

    i think the main reason why classical music is not appreciated is not because it’s difficult to do. after all, there are as many genres and composers as there are tastes. granted, bruckner’s motettes for that matter, aren’t exactly mainstream – but then we have mozard and vivaldi and all those guys.

    i think the reason for the lack of appreciation is a mindset. classical music is, you know, for “those” people. in a word, classical music lacks branding. and since americans know how to brand, they managed to become world leaders in opera.

    (this all sounds so cynical, and becomes utterly unimportant when listening to glenn gould playing hindemith or the goldberg variations. the intensity and purity of that experience dwarfs everything)

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