Links, 8/07

I’m a bit better. Just tired a lot and the asthma, while it has eased up, still sucks. Can definitely walk and talk though.

Two education links:

Also, if you didn’t see this brief history of the jeep on aldaily, you definitely want to take a look at it, there’s an anecdote or two there that’s worth knowing.

The most interesting thing I’ve read recently – that I haven’t stopped thinking about, although I don’t know what to think – is Woody Allen remembering Ingmar Bergman:

R.C. [Richard Corliss, Time’s film critic]: OK. So you think he’s great, and I think he’s great. But to many young people ā€” I mean bright, film-savvy kids ā€” he’s Ingmar Who? What relevance do his films have today?

W.A.: I think his films have eternal relevance, because they deal with the difficulty of personal relationships and lack of communication between people and religious aspirations and mortality, existential themes that will be relevant a thousand years from now. When many of the things that are successful and trendy today will have been long relegated to musty-looking antiques, his stuff will still be great.

R.C.: But not many artists worry about God’s silence these days. In the media the current battle is between militant believers and devout atheists. You get very few tortured agnostics.

W.A.: You’re right. That was his obsession. He was brought up religiously [his father was a Lutheran minister] and it wasn’t simply a question of atheism or not. He longed for the possibility of religious phenomenon [sic]. That longing tortured him his whole life. But in the end he was a great entertainer. The Seventh Seal, all those films, they grip you. It’s not like doing homework.

– Ironically enough, of course, Allen’s comment explains why most attempts at educating fail miserably. –

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