Hopefully, A New Beginning

My Mom and I just dropped off my brother at the airport. He’s going to be attending a Ministry Academy where he will work with people in inner-city St. Louis, helping out in mission activities there.

He’ll be gone for a year doing this.

He seemed scared when I left him at the airport, worried about checking bags and getting his ticket. I think people have made things sound too complicated for him. The truth is, from there on out, in this place called “the real world,” there isn’t freedom the way there is at home or among friends. The private is a very different sphere from the public – the public is mainly rule-following. We, of course, have carved out the private from the public by means of such rules, i.e. allowing everyone the right to speak and what that implies, etc. But that doesn’t mean any real rules are followed in the private sphere of life at all (in fact, the viciousness of family politics might be because of that very lack of order).

He’s gonna be fine. Mom is worried sick.

One thing we did late Saturday is watch 3 films, one of which I only sort of watched, but wow do I want to see the whole thing. The movie is Spike Lee’s “Inside Man,” and he was mesmerized by how carefully the dialogue was written and how many themes were woven into the film. I didn’t watch it that carefully, unfortunately, and I want to view it again. The other two – Woody Allen’s “Scoop” and “Doom” starring The Rock – actually had their moments, but I don’t know that I need to see them again.

That’s the only regret I have for him going to this place: most evangelicals I know really suck at having taste in movies. Watching LOTR and The Chronicles of Narnia over and over again does not breed holiness or taste. But the ability to find how one can be free in a public sense, not merely in the thrall of images of one’s own choosing – well, let’s just say that’s something necessary, if not something incredible.

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