On Courage and Fear

1. A movement towards, or even against something, can be the mark of fear. Is one always kind to those who move towards one, or against one? Should one always be kind to such people?

2. There are many ways to bully people, but the most prominent in a liberal society is to accuse everyone else of bullying you.

3. We are always sympathetic to the one who is most fearful, because there is comfort in knowing one can feel no comfort and yet be alright. We are scared to be comfortable, and even more scared of courage.

4. What has arisen among professionals and other bourgeois is a false sort of courage: one has “ideals” and they are “threatened” by the course society is taking. One thus needs to redirect history. Communists and fascists and anarchists and nihilists and many sorts of traditionalists all share this “courage.”

5. What I’d like to see is someone teach others to be happy, and for courage to start from there.

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