Morning Light

I have been working late quite a few nights until the sun comes up. On these summer days, merely looking at the sun makes me feel uncomfortably warm.

The air doesn’t carry heat as much as the perception of heat.

I want to shut the blind to the morning light. Recently, I realized why I write obscurely in many passages.

Many times, I’ll just start talking as if my readers understand exactly what I’m talking about, and miss discussing key assumptions or even arguments needed to prove my stance.

The defense I have – and I think it is a good one – is that philosophy is learning to see the obvious anew.

I remember the times I realized I learned something.

Those times were characterized not by obsessing over detail, but by sitting and asking how it was anyone would think what I was reading.

Every reconstruction of perspective occurs in the spaces of the text, the areas which are dark and full of vibrant life but not stifling heat.

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